DRACHEN’S TREASURE Neath peculiar mist, o’er fragrant pines Slept legends beast in an abandoned mine In bleak tunnels creep, brave castle’s Knight In the darkness he creeps, in armour bright Dark creatures lurk neath watery murk Bones creak n’ irk whilst Drachen smirks Many men he’s slain, in league with greed His dragon flames cleanse great misdeeds Sliv’ry sword in hand and heart a flutter No breath be drawn, nor word be uttered To grant swift her wish, sweet Lady fine To bringeth her jewels from Drachen’s mine He made light his step with delicacy Whilst Drachen slept, he stole his key Sweeping high, his sword to pierce his brain Neath moonless sky, great Dracon’s, slain… Laden with gold, his dreams came true Mesmerised by stones of pretty hues “Hark!” said witch with blue firey eyes ”Sir, pray thee flee, lest ye meet demise!” Poor crone, all twisted, lived alone Sat weeping tears of sapphire stone Her wretched face, once beauty fair Was bewitched to watch o’er Drachen’s lair “Pray, kiss me, Knight, I’ll give my life” “My wilted lips to kiss sweet love’s delight” Blind-eyed he kissed her tender n’ true To give old crone, fair-face anew Before him stood his finest jewel Sweet maiden fair, his heart enthralled Bowing, besotted by her sight Quest forgot, he rode till morning’s light O’er fragrant pines hangs a purple mist In ancient mines, Dracon’s treasure sits.

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